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Tests per a aprendre anglčs


Hi ha tres categories: principiants/bāsic, mitjā i avanįat. Cada test es troba sota un d'aquests tres nivells, i conté almenys deu preguntes. Reps un punt per resposta correcta.

A mesura que passe el temps, s'hi afegiran més exāmens. També potser s'ampliaran alguns dels existents.

Títol i descripciķPreguntesVegades fet
Categoria: Principiants
Categoria: Mitjā
Modal Verbs 11436
Infinitives and -ing forms 1051
Word Order 1038
Indirect Speech 1039
Relative clauses: who, whom, that, which, whose, where 10295
Few, a lot, little, much, many, no, plenty 10239
Enough, too, so, such 10182
Neither, either, none, any, both, all 102866
The Saxon genitive 1029
So, neither, nor, either 10146
Antonyms, Opposites
The opposite of ... is ...
Comparative and Superlative Sentences 1025
Singular and Plural Nouns
Which one is not correct?
Prepositions 1043
Find the odd man out 1622
Expressions, Idioms 2141
Used to, be used to, get/become used to and would 101325
I wish and if only 10379
Question Tags 1274
Passive Sentences 10110
The Present Continuous, the Future Simple, the Future Continuous and Be Going to 10146
Conditional Sentences 1081
Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs and Determiners 1151
The Present Perfect Simple and Continuous, the Past Perfect Simple and Continuous, and the Past Simple and Continuous 1096
The Simple Past and the Present Perfect 1083
The Simple Past and the Past Continuous (or Progressive) 1045
The Simple Present and the Present Continuous or Progressive 1046
Personal Pronouns and Possessives 1067
Categoria: Avanįat
Nombre total d'exāmens: 28

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