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English Grammar Step by Step:
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• Introduction
• Notes
• Unit 1:  Negative and interrogative sentences
• Unit 2:  Short answers
• Unit 3:  Question tags
• Unit 4:  Questions and exclamations
• Unit 5:  So, neither, nor, either
• Unit 6:  Be, used to, would, be/get/become used to, dare, have, get, become, grow, go, turn, fall and feel
• Unit 7:  Verb tenses: forms
• Unit 8:  Irregular verbs
• Unit 9:  Verb tenses: uses
• Unit 10:  Personal pronouns, possessives and reflexive pronouns
• Unit 11: The genitive case
• Unit 12: Singular and plural nouns
• Unit 13: Gender
• Unit 14: A, an, some, any, no, not, none, each, every and the; compounds of some, any, no and every
• Unit 15: Neither, not...either, none, not...any, both and all
• Unit 16: A few, few, a lot, lots, a little, little, many, much, no and plenty
• Unit 17: Enough, too, so and such
• Unit 18: Comparative and superlative sentences
• Unit 19: The adjective order
• Unit 20: Relative clauses
• Unit 21: Do and make
• Unit 22: Modal verbs
• Unit 23: Infinitives, gerunds and present participles
• Unit 24: Conditional sentences
• Unit 25: Passive sentences
• Unit 26: Reported speech
• Unit 27: Purpose
• Unit 28: Word order
• Unit 29: Inversion
• Unit 30: Connectors
• Unit 31: Prepositions
• Unit 32: Phrasal verbs

Intermediate English Grammar:
• Contents
• Irregular verbs

English Grammar for Beginners:
• Contents
• Unit 1:  A, an, some any and the
• Unit 2:  Some, any + body/one, + thing, + where
• Unit 3:  Personal pronouns and possessives
• Unit 4:  Reflexive pronouns, the reciprocal pronoun "each other" and object pronouns
• Unit 5:  List of irregular verbs

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Easy books to beginners
775 registered



Jul 27, 2009, 9:19 AM

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Easy books to beginners Can't Post

I am a beginner, do you know a book in English that is easy to read? Thank you.


(This post was edited by Josep on Jul 27, 2009, 9:21 AM)

Novice / Moderator

Jul 27, 2009, 2:33 PM

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Re: [Josep] Easy books to beginners [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello, Josep!

There are graded books, such as novels or tales. Level 1 should be very easy to read. You can go to your local library or bookshop and ask. I am sure you will find as many as you wish.

Best regards,

(This post was edited by Polseguera on Jul 27, 2009, 2:36 PM)

Novice / Moderator

Jul 28, 2009, 7:07 PM

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Re: [Josep] Easy books to beginners [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello, Josep!

I am sure there are, although I would recommend reading everything in English. Level 1 is very easy to read. You will find only basic words, and at times you may come across (= find) footnotes that explain the meaning of the most difficult words. The important thing is to think in English.

If you do not understand a word, do not look it up in your dictionary. Just underline it with a pencil. When you have finished reading the chapter, have a look at those words again, and try to guess their meanings. If you still do not know what they mean, then use your dictionary, and put their meanings next to them. Then, read the chapter again. This may imply more work, but I think it is worth the effort.

Best regards,


Oct 15, 2014, 4:35 PM

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Re: [Polseguera] Easy books to beginners [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you for good communication.

New User

Feb 13, 2020, 11:37 AM

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Re: [Josep] Easy books to beginners [In reply to] Can't Post

Practicing in writing is one of the best ways of studying English for sure, so why don't try it out? I also used https://studenterra.com/ for some of my works - they're real professionals and helped me to improve my writing style, it was really useful not only when I did my first steps, but even now - I still have to do some writing in English at work.


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