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♦ Hi Would you please tell what the correct answer is to the following question: Adam........ the party because he was ill. 1) Could ...
• Author: Hosseinabadi — Date: 01-05-2010 — Times seen: 775151
♦ What is the difference between following sentences? He looks a good man He appears to be a good man Sounds like he is ...
• Author: Farham — Date: 13-03-2010 — Times seen: 879660
♦ Hi Thank you for answering my question. From your answer, i understood that "IT" is only used with uncountable nouns, but ...
• Author: David — Date: 10-03-2010 — Times seen: 819466
♦ Hi Would you please tell me what the correct answer it to the following question? I have heard the news and I ...
• Author: David — Date: 02-03-2010 — Times seen: 762877
♦ Hi Is the following sentence grammatically correct? "Next year at this same time, I have learned English completely." If it is not correct, ...
• Author: David — Date: 22-02-2010 — Times seen: 162819
♦ Hi Some days ago, I was reading a novel called Olive Twist in which I found a strange sentence. Below is ...
• Author: Hosseinabadi — Date: 04-01-2010 — Times seen: 175074


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