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Log-in Page

Fill in the form below to log in. If you have forgotten your password, click here, and a new one will be sent to you immediately.


The users here fall into three main groups, which means that each user will be allowed to do only what he or she needs. Please note that this page is still under development.


Let us list the groups now:


1. Read-only users:

They will have to send their texts (= articles, poems...) by email. If they do not contain any advertisement or link, it is free. Otherwise, it is not.


2. Active users:

They will be allowed to log in, and to do certain things. This option is not free, and the prices vary. Please notice that other alternatives may be developed if need be.

a. Those who only wish to write posts without any advertising will have to make a contribution of five euros. It is a one-time payment. Please write to us before you make the contribution, since your account will be created manually. If you need help with your English, you can start a thread, and other users may help you by replying to your post or by making a comment. You can even upload an image and write a short description about you or your company.

b. Those who want to write posts with links. You will have to pay only for the links you include in your posts. You can buy a number of links, and when you have no more left, you will be allowed to continue writing posts, but without any links.

The fields for logging in will be displayed here.


3. Those who can only send comments:

If anyone wishes to make comments without including adverts, it is free. Otherwise, it is not. You will be allowed to sign up for a free account online. However, if you need to include links in your comments, you will have to write to us. Please note that you will only be allowed to write comments on existing threads, that they will be displayed below the posts, and that to activate your account you will need to click on a link that you will find in the email message that will be sent to you automatically when you sign up.


If you are interested in any of the options above, please write to us, and we will inform you further.




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