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Tests for learning English


There are three categories: beginners/basic, intermediate and advanced. Each test comes under one of these three levels, and contains at least ten questions. You receive one point per correct answer.

More free quizzes will be added as time elapses. The existing ones may be expanded too.

Title and descriptionQuestionsTimes taken
Category: Beginners
Revision, Hotchpotch 10281
Antonyms, Opposites
The opposite of ... is ...
Comparative and Superlative Sentences 11381
The Colours 13228
Word Order 10112
Expressions, and Idioms 20138
Prepositions 30184
Find the odd one out 31513
Numbers 10279
Irregular Verbs 12396
Wh- Question Words 152404
Short Answers 10238
Question Tags 13251
Conditionals: Impossible 1086
Conditionals: Unreal or Improbable 1063
Conditionals: Possible or Real 1075
A, an, some, the 12269
The Present Perfect Simple 10153
The Past Continuous (or Progressive) 1098
The Simple Past 10105
The Present Continuous or Progressive 1193
The Simple Present 12156
To Be 22143
Reflexive Pronouns 11161
Possessive Pronouns 10403
Personal Object Pronouns 10411
Personal Subject Pronouns 14231
Possessive Adjectives 141413
Category: Intermediate
Modal Verbs 11801
Infinitives and -ing forms 1077
Word Order 1050
Indirect Speech 1059
Relative clauses: who, whom, that, which, whose, where 10619
Few, a lot, little, much, many, no, plenty 10396
Enough, too, so, such 10365
Neither, either, none, any, both, all 104425
The Saxon genitive 1049
So, neither, nor, either 10253
Antonyms, Opposites
The opposite of ... is ...
Comparative and Superlative Sentences 1034
Singular and Plural Nouns
Which one is not correct?
Prepositions 1065
Find the odd man out 1623
Expressions, Idioms 2154
Used to, be used to, get/become used to and would 101556
I wish and if only 10644
Question Tags 1293
Passive Sentences 10137
The Present Continuous, the Future Simple, the Future Continuous and Be Going to 10155
Conditional Sentences 10108
Category: Advanced
Total number of exams: 72

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