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Tests for learning English


There are three categories: beginners/basic, intermediate and advanced. Each test comes under one of these three levels, and contains at least ten questions. You receive one point per correct answer.

More free quizzes will be added as time elapses. The existing ones may be expanded too.

Title and descriptionQuestionsTimes taken
Category: Beginners
Category: Intermediate
Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs and Determiners 1159
The Present Perfect Simple and Continuous, the Past Perfect Simple and Continuous, and the Past Simple and Continuous 10115
The Simple Past and the Present Perfect 10102
The Simple Past and the Past Continuous (or Progressive) 1058
The Simple Present and the Present Continuous or Progressive 1061
Personal Pronouns and Possessives 1086
Category: Advanced
Modal Verbs 121559
Infinitives, Gerunds and Present Participles 1078
Reported Speech 10138
Purpose 1029
Relative Clauses 1091
The Adjective Order 1059
One of the sentences given has a different meaning. Which one is it? 1449
Inversion 10141
Connectors 1073
Phrasal and Prepositional Verbs 1080
Prepositions 10790
I wish, if only, would rather/sooner and it is time 10440
Passive Sentences 1068
Determiners, Pronouns, Adjectives and Adverbs 1096
Personal Pronouns, Possessives and Reflexive Pronouns 10370
Verbs 19200
Total number of exams: 72

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