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Author: Mike | Published: 14-10-2008 | Times seen: 299499 | Category: English


A couple of jokes


Here are several old jokes in English:
- James, the invisible man wants to see you.
- Tell him I can't see him today.

-Waiter, there is a mosquito in my soup!
- Sorry, sir, but it should be in the salad.

- Waiter, a fly in my soup!
- I am terribly sorry, madam, but we have no more flies left.

- A man enters a pet shop and says, 'I would like to buy a mosquito.'
- Sorry, sir, but we don't sell mosquitos!
- But I have just seen one in the shop window!

Someone phones the intelligence services, and says, 'Intelligence services, please?'
'Eh, eh!' responds someone.



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