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Author: rachid50 | Published: 08-12-2010 | Times seen: 1025030 | Category: English Grammar: Beginners


Help with "Should to" and "must to" and " have to"


what is correct ?
I have to go.
I must to go.
I should to go.


Author: Mike | Published: 08-12-2010 | Times seen: 1025019 | Category: English Grammar: Beginners


Re: [rachid50] Help with "Should to" and "must to" and " have to"



The correct form is "I have to go". Must and should are followed by bare infinitives, that is, infinitives without to.

The correct forms are
I have to go
I must go
I should go

More information at http://www.polseguera.org/advanced_english_grammar/infinitives_ing_forms.php#return1

Best regards,



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