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Tests for learning English


Each question has five alternatives. Please choose the correct one. You can answer them in any order, and take the time you need to complete the quiz. Once you have finished, click on Finish this exam. If you wish to return to the main page of this section without doing the test, click on Return at the bottom of the page.

The Saxon genitive

Level: Intermediate

1. ... is very big.

The flat in Peter
The flat of Peter
Peter flat
Peter's flat
Peters' flat

2. ... are in a poor state.

This legs table
This leg's table
This table's legs
The legs of this table's
The legs of this table

3. ... jackets.

Mary and James
Mary's and James
Mary and James's
Mary and James'
Mary's and James'

4. This is the man who came home yesterday, van

This is the man who came home yesterday's van.
This man's van came home yesterday.
This is the man's van who came home yesterday.
This is the van of the man who came home yesterday.
This is the van's man who came home yesterday.

5. Martha has several photos. This one is also hers, so this is ...

a photograph of Martha's.
Martha's photograph.
a photograph of Martha.
Martha photograph.
the photograph in Martha.

6. ... was a failure, which is why there will be no more parades.

Last year parade
Last year's parade
The parade of last year
The last year of the parade
The last years of the parade

7. ... are sunny, and so are ...

The beaches in Catalonia, Portugal
The beaches of Catalonia, Portugal
Catalonia beaches, Portugal
Catalonia's beaches, Portugal
Catalonia's beaches, Portugal's

8. ... are famous worldwide.

Cervantes novels
Cervantes' novels
Cervantes's novels
Cervante's novels
the novel's Cervantes

9. The cinema is only ... from here.

a walk five minutes
five minutes walk
five minutes' walk
a five-minutes walk
a five minutes walk

10. I am going to ... this afternoon. I've got a terrible toothache.

the dentist
the dentist's
the dentist surgery
the dentist of surgery
the dentist surgery's


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