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Intermediate English Grammar Step by Step


     UNIT 5 - The key


Please notice that there may be other options to the ones provided in this key. Furthermore, a slash (/) has been used to include different alternatives.

1 a begins b teach c teaches d relies e work

2 a do not like b does not water c do not write d do not study e do not watch

3 a Do you want b Does he need c Does it rain d Do they sing e Does she go

4 a is drinking b are listening c Are you coming d are watching e am not studying

5 a finishes b boils c am writing, finish d am taking e are you getting

6 a is b need c do not believe d wish e Do you love

7 a are you thinking b do you think, think c am expecting d expect e tastes

8 a love, are b go c are you smelling, Does it smell, am, does, has d am, is having e am taking f smells g go h do you do, read, connect i does not like j I still do not understand k is raining l is, makes, is it, think, is, makes m does this pen belong, belongs, think n are you doing, am just waiting o revolves p are repairing q is your mother, is picking r is meeting, loves s Do you mind, enjoy t am tasting, has u don't you taste, is v are you, I do not feel/I am not feeling w detest, make x are you looking y do you feed z permit

Written by Miquel Molina i Diez
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