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Intermediate English Grammar Step by Step


     UNIT 2 - The key


Please notice that there may be other options to the ones provided in this key. Furthermore, a slash (/) has been used to include different alternatives.

1 a can't / cannot, be able to b could c Can, could, can't / cannot d be able to e been able to

2 a could b was able to c could not / couldn't d could e was able to

3 a Can / May / Could b can / may c been allowed to d could e Can

4 a may b may c can d may not e Do you think (that)

5 a may / might, may / might, can't / couldn't b could c can't / couldn't d can't / couldn't e could

6 a Can, can't b was able to c may / could / might d could e can f may g can't h Do you think (that) i can't j can, can't k Can / May / Could, can / may l could m be able to n May / Could o be able to p could / might q been able to r may / could / might s may / could / might t can / may u May v may w could, can't x can't y can't z could

Written by Miquel Molina i Diez
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