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Gramática inglesa de nivel avanzado paso a paso (English Grammar Step by Step)


     UNIT 4 - The key

1 a Did she wash her stepdaughter's car? b Did they want to marry and settle down? c Did he set up in business as a fishmonger a year ago? d Did he give you a lift to the airport? e Did they lay the table?

2 a What did you study there? b What was destroyed in the crash? c What is it made of? d What is butter made from? e What is this bread made with?

3 a Who is coming next week to look over the factory? b Who glared at you? c Who is your legal adviser? d Who tossed the coin? e Who drew the map?

4 a Who(m) was it made it by?/By whom was it made? b Who(m) did they murder? c Who(m) did he have a row with?/With whom did he have a row? d Who(m) did you see last month? e Who(m) were you being watched by?/By whom were you being watched?

5 a Where do you come from?1 b Where are they from? c Where did the dog bury the bone? d Where did you buy these batteries? e Where have you been?

6 a When/(At) what time did the enemy attack? b When/(At) what time did they set off for school? c When do you think they will visit Michael? d When does she want to go abroad? e What time is it?/What is the time?

7 a Who broke the window?; What did Margaret break? b Who spent three days in Mexico last year?; How long/How many days/How much time did Nicky spend in Mexico?; Where did Nicky spend three days last year?; When did Nicky spend three days in Mexico? c What does your father need?; Who needs a pair of braces? d Who observed that Tom was trying to convince your/our workmates to go on strike?; What did your/our boss observe? e What was Mrs Turner accused of?; Who was accused of bribery?

8 a Where do you live? b What do you sell? c Did you spin a coin? d Did she glance shyly at you? e Was the castle shrouded in mist? f Was it a misty morning? g What did snowflakes cover? h When/(At) what time did you finish work? i When/(At) what time did they leave? j When do you work? k Who patted you on the back for getting the best marks in the whole class last night? l Who(m) has your dog just bitten? m What does he always do? n Who(m) does he always gawk at? o When/(At) what time will we/you arrive in Morocco? p When/(At) what time does Eric start work? q What happened? r When did the cat scratch Lesley? s When/(At) what time does the concert begin? t Where is Andrew?/Where's Andrew? u Should I/we lie to them? v When/(At) what time did they get to Paris? w Who(m) do you adore? x Do you believe in God? y When did he reach the cottage? z Who was taken away?

9 a How much milk was spoilt? b How much time is there left? c How much sugar is sold here? d How much butter have we got? e How much tea did you/we buy?

10 a How many houses did you/we purchase? b How many cans of beer did you/we drink? c How many people came to the party? d How many flats were pulled down? e How many tin-openers are there?

11 a How far is Catalonia from here? b How long will it take? c How long have you been living here? d How far is the next petrol station? e How long is her hair?

12 a How high are these mountains? b How tall is your daughter? c How deep is this river? d How tall is your/our brother-in-law? e How deep is this well?

13 a Which girl do you love? b Which girl is of humble origins? c What trains do you hate? d Which jumper do you want? e What/Which singers do you usually listen?

14 a Where does the Ebro River flows into? b What does BBC stand for? c Where are you heading for? d How often did she repeat the same thing? e What are you very keen on? f Were they all the time sticking their noses in? g Have you combed you hair? h Where did you get that pair of nutcrackers from? i What went wrong? j Which person is guilty? k Which people are guilty? l What insects are very industrious? m How long do you need?/How much time do you need?/How many hours do you need? n How many people are dying of hunger? o How tall is your father? p Who noticed the lack of water? q Who(m) do you envy? r What are you thinking of? s Were you snowblind? t When did she learn the meaning of being poor? u Is this liable to some changes? v What time is it? w Where shall/will I find her? x Is it ten past five? y How often do you/we train? z What did you enjoy?

15 a How do you always travel? b How did she convince her father? c How are you going? d How did they make it? e How did she come here?

16 a How is your great-grandfather? b How is he getting on at school? c How is the novel? d What is the theatre like?/What does the theatre look like? e What is your girl-friend like?/What does your girl-friend look like?

17 a Who(m) is she looking at? b What is his mother like? c How did it happen? d How old are they? e How did they come here? f How wide is the room? g How big is that cabbage patch? h What/How was the weather like? i What is he like?/What does he look like? j What is he doing? k Are her clothes weird? l Can you go on with your/our relationship? m What do you want to become? n Did she uncover her face? o Who(m) are you waiting for? p Will that/the stain come out? q Where are they going to take him? r Who(m) did you bribe with a million pounds? s When/(At) what time are you leaving? t Does he likes almonds? u How is Molly today? v Did he lose his temper? w How many armchairs are there left? x Which colour do you like? y Which of you/us kept your/our word? z Where did he find her?

18 a Why can you go out with me any longer? b How/Why did you fail your examination? c How can you remember all the words she said? d Why did they stand up? e How did he smash the car into a wall?

19 a Whose car did you borrow? b Whose stick did you bring? c Whose is that? d Whose keys are these?/Whose are these keys? e Whose is this umbrella?/Whose umbrella is this?

20 a How much wool is there? b How many rocks were there? c Do you want to stick to these rules? d Why did you get rid of those old shoes? e Did you realise it at once? f Whose are these coats?/Whose coats are these? g Are these coats theirs? h Whose fault was it? i Was it Peter's fault? j How do you feel today? k How well can you sing? l How old is he? m Are their children running wild? n Who wasn't invited to the fashion parade? o What is this manure for? p (At) what time/When have you got an English class? q Should I/we opt for taking swimming lessons? r What do I/we have to do? s How did he beat you? t How are they? u What's he like?/What does he look like? v How do you know it? w Which hat do you like best? x How fast is your motorbike? y Who(m) did he go out with yesterday evening? z What did they impose?

21 a How ever did you fail your literature paper? b When ever will they repair the oven? c Why ever have you come here? d Where ever has Mary hidden? e What ever have you seen?

22 (suggested answers) a What a pretty girl/good-looking boy! b Congratulations! c Congratulations!/How lucky (you are)!/Lucky you! d Not on your nelly!/How dare you ask me that! e Goodness me! What a mess! f Go to hell! I don't want to see you any more. g Good(ness) gracious! Is he all right! h Shame on you!/You've shamed our family!/Oh, dear!...Don't worry. Everything will go all right. i Lucky you!/How lucky (you are)!/Congratulations! j Shit!/Oh, blast (it)!/Blow it!/Damn! I didn't buy a corkscrew. k Shit!/Oh, blast (it)!/Blow it!/Damn! I've lost my wallet/purse! l Get lost!/Go away!/Go to hell! m Ouch! n Ouch! o Come on! Get moving! p Ugh! What's this! q Get lost!/Go away!/Go to hell! r What beautiful countryside! s That's all rubbish/crap! t Dear me!/My gooodness!/ Goodness me!/Good(ness) Gracious!/Gracious me! u Shit!/Blow it!/Blast (it)! v That's all (a load of) rubbish!/Don't talk rubbish!/This is the most stupid thing I've ever heard! w What an ugly person!/How ugly (s)he is! x Not on your nelly! y Shame on you! z Cease fire!

1  From now on, I shall give only the alternative with the preposition at the end, since this is the most usual and natural form.
Author: Miquel Molina i Diez
Pages: 1, 2 and the key

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