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Vocabulary for Beginners - Basic Vocabulary


The colours (or colors*) in English

(Click here to hide the translations into Catalan and Castilian)

Translation into Catalan Castilian
red roig o vermell rojo
blue blau azul
orange taronja, carabassa o carbassa naranja
grey or gray* gris gris
black negre negro
purple lila, lilà, morat, porpra o púrpura lila, morado o púrpura
violet violeta o violat violeta o violado
brown marró o castany marrón o castaño
green verd verde
navy (blue) blau marí azul marino
pink rosa rosa
white blanc blanco
yellow groc amarillo


Please note that an asterisk (*) has been used above to indicate American English.

You can use dark and light to modify the colours:

Her car is light blue. (blau clar; azul claro)
She bought a dark green cardigan. (verd obscur; verde oscuro)


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