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Vocabulary for Beginners - Basic Vocabulary


The days of the week

(Click here to hide the translations into Catalan and Castilian)

Translation into Catalan Castilian
Monday Dilluns Lunes
Tuesday Dimarts Martes
Wednesday Dimecres Miércoles
Thursday Dijous Jueves
Friday Divendres Viernes
Saturday Dissabte Sábado
Sunday Diumenge Domingo


Please note that the first letter is capitalised in English, but not in Catalan or Castilian:
I went last Sunday.
Vaig anar diumenge passat. (Catalan)
Fui el domingo pasado. (Castilian)



You may like to receive a pdf file with the materials listed below to study offline.

1. Answer the following questions (beginners)

2. Make questions for the answers given (beginners)

3. Assorted exercises for beginners

4. Negative and interrogative sentences (intermediate level)

5. Some, any and every; some, any, every + -body / -one, -thing and -where (intermediate level)

6. Nationality Words

7. Useful sentences for restaurants in English and Catalan

8. Useful sentences for restaurants in English and Castilian

The key to the exercises

If so, we can send it to you by email for a contribution of 10 euros.

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