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Tests for learning English


Each question has five alternatives. Please choose the correct one. You can answer them in any order, and take the time you need to complete the quiz. Once you have finished, click on Finish this exam. If you wish to return to the main page of this section without doing the test, click on Return at the bottom of the page.

Revision, Hotchpotch

Level: Intermediate

1. "I didn't recognise him yesterday," she said.

She said that he didn't recognise her yesterday.
She said that he had not recognised her the day before.
She said that she hadn't recognised him the previous day.
She said not to have recognised him the day before.
She was said not to have recognised him the previous day.

2. The house belongs to the Blacks, so it is ...

the house of the Blacks.
the Black's house.
the Blacks's house.
the Blacks' house.
the Black house.

3. If you work hard, you earn more money.

The hardest you work, the most money you will earn.
The harder you work, the more money you will earn.
Harder you work, more money you earn.
The fewer work you do, the fewer money you earn.
You work less because you earn more.

4. The odd one out: tomatoes, potatoes, books...


5. I am tall, ...?

am I
are you
aren't I
I'm not
amn't I

6. When I saw her, she was ... the street. She was leaning ... a wall.

across, against
over, with
in, near
by, inside
above, under

7. Nobody will buy this product.

This product will be bought by nobody.
This product will be bought.
This product won't be bought.
This product won't buy.
This product will have to be bought by nobody.

8. They are repairing the car.

The car is being repaired.
The car is repaired.
The car is been repaired.
The car is been repairing.
The car is repairing

9. You ... there alone. You ...

should not have gone, can have been robbed
ought not to have gone, can't have been robbed
will go, will have been robbed
should not have gone, could have been robbed
were allowed to go, might have been robbed.

10. You ... come immediately. She ... to hospital. She is extremely ill.

can, must not be taken
have to, does not have to be taken
should, will take
ought to, can take
must, must be taken

11. Which one is not correct?



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