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Make questions (beginners) - The key


Please note that a slash (/) has been used to include different alternatives.

1. How are you?

2. Can you play the piano?

3. Do you like cheese?

4. How are you going there?

5. Why does he go there?

6. Whose is this car? / Whose car is this?

7. Where is she going? / Where's she going?

8. Who does she love? / Whom does she love?

9. What time is it?

10. What do you want?

11. How much sugar is there?

12. How many vans are there?

13. How long does it take?

14. Who is winning? / Who's winning?

15. Does she live abroad?

16. Have you got eight balloons?

17. What time do you get up every day?

18. What is your favourite dessert? / What's your favourite dessert?

19. Does he believe in superstitions?

20. Were you happy?

21. What is the weather like today? / What's the weather like today?

22. Were they at home?

23. Have you got a daughter?

24. How old are you?

25. What is your name? / What's your name?

26. Are there any eggs left?

27. Why doesn't he work? / Why does he not work?

28. Did you know what to do?

29. Did he enter the house?

30. What do you do?

32. Where are you from?

33. When were you born?

34. Can you ride a horse?

35. Whose is this?

36. What did you buy?

37. Would you like to be there?

38. How many aubergines do you need?

39. When is her birthday? / When's her birthday?

40. Is it getting late?


Written by Miquel Molina i Diez
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