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Answer the following questions (beginners)


Answer the following questions:

1. Can you drive a lorry?


2. Is your mother at home?


3. Were you at the party last night?


4. Does he cook?


5. Do you like strawberries?


6. Have you got any onions?


7. Has he got the keys?


8. Are they your best friends?


9. Am I tall?


10. Was there any milk in the fridge?


11. When was he born? (18.3.90)


12. Where is Anne going? (supermarket)


13. What time is it? (2.40)


15. What is her name? (Margaret)


16. What does he like doing in his free time? (reading and playing basketball)


17. How do you go to school? (bus)


18. Who is the woman behind Mr Smith? (Ingrid)


19. How tall is he? (six feet)


20. What time do you have lunch? (1.20)


21. John has got ten peas. Paul, only seven. Who has got more peas?


22. Can you sing carols?


23. Have you ever been to the Tower of London?


24. Did you eat out last night?


25. Were they at the restaurant?


26. Has he finished his homework?


27. Had he ironed everything when you arrived home last night?


28. How much juice have we got? (a lot)


29. How many chairs are there in this room? (twenty)


30. When did the accident happen? (yesterday morning)


31. Do they live here?


32. Does he watch TV in the evenings?


33. Is he a relative of yours?


34. Is there a bottle of milk?


35. Are you scared?


36. What time do you go to bed? (10.30)


37. Where does an actor work? (theatre)


38. What's her favourite film? (Dracula)


39. How many pencils has she got? (two)


40. Who did you see at the reception? (Tom and Ann)


Written by Miquel Molina i Diez







is not = isn't (Example: No, she is not or No, she isn't)
are not = aren't
am not = 'm not
cannot = can't
was not = wasn't
were not = weren't
do not = don't
does not = doesn't
did not = didn't
have not = haven't
has not = hasn't
had not = hadn't

Please note that short answers cannot be contracted in the affirmative and that words in brackets are optional.

1. Yes, I can (drive a lorry) / No, I can't (drive a lorry)

2. Yes, she is (at home) / No, she isn't (at home)

3. Yes, I was (at the party last night) / No, I wasn't (at the party last night)

4. Yes, he does (or Yes, he cooks) / No he doesn't (cook)

5. Yes, I do (or Yes, I like strawberries) / No, I don't (like strawberries)

6. Yes I have (got some onions) / No, I haven't (got any onions)

7. Yes, he has (got the keys) / No he hasn't (got the keys)

8. Yes, they are (my best friends) / No, they aren't (my best friends)

9. Yes, you are (tall) / No, you aren't (tall)

10. Yes, there was (some milk in the fridge) / No, there wasn't (any milk in the fridge)

11. (He was born) on the eighteenth of March (or on March the eighteenth), nineteen ninety.

12. (She is going) to the supermarket

13. (It is) twenty to three

15. (It is) Margaret

16. He likes reading and playing basketball in his free time (or Reading and playing basketball)

17. (I go to school) by bus

18. (She is) Ingrid

19. (He is) six feet (tall)

20. (I have lunch) at twenty past one

21. Jonh (has got more peas than Paul)

22. Yes, I can (sing carols) / No, I can't (sing carols)

23. Yes, I have (been to the Tower of London) / No, I haven't (been to the Tower of London) (or I have never been to the Tower of London)

24. Yes, I did (or Yes I ate out last night) / No, I didn't (eat out last night)

25. Yes, they were (at the restaurant) / No, they weren't (at the restaurant)

26. Yes, he has (finished his homework) / No, he hasn't (finished his homework)

27. Yes, he had (ironed everything when I arrived home last night) / No, ha hadn't (ironed everything when I arrived home last night)

28. (We have got) a lot (of juice)

29. There are twenty chairs in this room (or Twenty)

30. (It happened) yesterday morning.

31. Yes, they do (or Yes, they live here) / No, they don't (live here)

32. Yes, he does (or Yes, he watches TV in the evenings) / No, he doesn't (watch TV in the evenings)

33. Yes, he is (a relative of mine) / No, he isn't (a relative of mine)

34. Yes, there is (a bottle of milk) / No, there isn't (a bottle of milk)

35. Yes, I am (scared) / No, I'am not (scared)

36. (I go to bed) at half past ten

37. (An actor works) in a theatre

38. (It is) Dracula

39. (She has got) two (pencils)

40. I saw Tom and Ann at the reception (or Tom and Ann)


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The key to the exercises

If so, we can send it to you by email for a contribution of 10 euros.

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