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Common mistakes in English made by Asian students - The key


The correct answer is given in bolt type.

1. Water a) freezes b) is freezing c) freeze at 0║ Centigrade.

2. Oranges a) contains b) contain c) are containing vitamins.

3. a) Go you b) Are you going c) Do you go to the cinema tonight?

4. I asked him a) to lend b) lend c) to lending me some money.

5. Did you remember a) locking b) lock c) to lock the car?

6. I a) have gone b) have been c) went to Da Nang last year.

7. Leaves a) fall b) are falling c) falls from the trees in the autumn.

8. The graph shows a) that b) _ c) why the growth in the number of cars.

9. Exports of computers a) fell b) was falling c) have fallen last year.

10. I a) never been b) have never gone c) have never been to America.

11. a) At b) In c)On spring the weather starts to get warmer.

12. I saw him a) in b) on c) at 6.30.

13. He was born a) in b) at c) on 1982.

14. They are coming a) in b) at c) on Monday.

15. She promised not a) tell b) telling c) to tell anyone.

16. We are near the street a) that b) which c) where he lives.

17. I've lost my glasses, a) what b) which c) that is annoying.

18. If I a) see b) will see c) saw her, I'll tell her.

19. If the weather a) was b) will be c) is fine, we'll go to the seaside.

20. I would tell you if I a) know b) knew c) had known.

21. If you a) asked b) had asked c) have asked me, I would have told you.

22. The latest news a) is b) are c) were bad.

23. I have a) something b) anything c) some thing to tell you.

24. a) All b) Everyone c) All of people loves the spring.

25. There is too a) much b) few c) many sex and violence on TV.

26. If you don't know the word, look a) up it b) it up c) them up in the dictionary.

27. I'll look a) in b) after c) out the children while you are out.

28. The people a) where b) _ c) which we visited were old friends.

29. When I was at school I a) must b) _ c) had to wear uniform.

30. I a) wouldn't b) couldn't c) mustn't do that if I were you.

31. I don't know a) why b) what c) which she said that.

32. We stayed in Dalien a) for b) during c) when two weeks.

33. You must a) to work b) work c) learn hard to pass the IELTS test.

34. We will be able a) go b) to go c) to going there tomorrow.

35. The little boy can a) ride b) rides c) to ride a bicycle.

36. You should not a) to leave b) left c) leave rubbish in the park.

37. He looks happy. He a) must pass b) must have passed c) must be passing the exam.

38. We don't have a) much b) many c) little time left.

39. We'll pick you a) _ b) up c) in outside the station.

40. Mercury is a) a b) _ c) the nearest planet to the Sun.

41. It's fine and a) the b) _ c) warm sun is shining.

42. Could you tell me a) the b) _ c) to way to the station?

43. We must find a) out b) in c) house where he lives.

44. Where did you put my bicycle a) to b) _ c) in ?

45. She a) bought b) purchased c) brought the food home from the supermarket.

46. Could you a) tell b) say c) inform me the time please.

47. How a) much b) a lot of c) many times have you been to Amsterdam?

48. It is not a) warm enough b) enough warm c) enough warmer to go outside.

49. I came to the Netherlands a) for studying b) to study c) for study Economics.

50. I went to a) _ b) the c) near seaside for my holiday.

51. a) Its b) It c) It's easy to do this test.

52. I'll make him a) to pay b) pay c) paying back the money.

53. We are looking forward a) to finish b) to finishing c) to have finished our exams.

54. I'm sorry I haven't replied a) to b) _ c) on your letter.

55. Consumption of fast foods is a) higher b) more highly c) more higher in the UK.

56. Come in and a) put b) take c) wear off your coat.

57. a) A b) _ c) Very difficult situation has arisen at the UN.

58. The percentage of car owners a) was b) _ c) were higher in 2002.

59. The invention of electricity made a) an b) _ c) some important contribution.

60. to a) _ b) fast c) the development of manufacturing industry in the nineteenth century.

61. Our teacher told us a) to do b) do c) to doing our homework.

62. I don't know where a) he be b) is he c) he is.

63. I asked her what a) did she think b) she thought c) does she think.

64. They turned a) up b) in c) _ late at the airport.

65. Have you tried to give a) in b) by c) up smoking?

66. When I get up in the morning I a) have b) am having c) am eating breakfast.

67. It is difficult to get used to a) live b) living c) _ in a foreign country.

68. When I was at school we used to a) wearing b) _ c) wear uniform.

69. I stopped a) smoke b) smoking c) to smoke last year.

70. I want you a) help b) helping c) to help me.

71. I wish I a) don't have to b) didn't have to c) mustn't do this test.

72. I wish you a) would stop b) stop c) stopped smoking.

73. I wish you a) would tell b) had told c) told me yesterday.

74. "He's mean." "a) On the contrary, b) In contrast, c) In comparison, he's very generous."

75. The government is spending a lot of money a) by b) for c) on public health.

76. Be quick! The police a) _ b) is c) are coming!

77. Oh dear! We've run a) into b) out of c) over petrol.

78. Oh dear! We've just run a) over b) into c) out of a cat.

79. That can't be true. You are pulling my a) ear b) leg c) arm!

80. I a) never have been b) have never been c) never been to the US.

81. We told the children to a) put in b) put away c) put off their toys.

82. I a) have been knowing b) have known c) know him for a long time.


The correct answers are given in bolt type.

83. Will you please help me a) doing b) do c) I do d) to do this test?

84. I suggest a) you apply b) to apply c) applying d) applies for the job.

85. I have a) some b) _ c) any d) many news for you.

86. The book a) _ b) what c) who d) that I'm reading is about the Vietnam war.

87. I stayed in Shanghai a) during b) _ c) for d) in 3 years.

88. Someone broke into our house and a) stole b) burgled c) robbed d) took our computer.

89. I started a) to study b) study c) studying d) learn English when I was 8.

90. I would be grateful if you a) will b) would c) can d) could help me with this test.

91. She a) reminded b) told c) said d) explained us about the time of the test.

Written by Richard Wright
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