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Tests for learning English


Each question has five alternatives. Please choose the correct one. You can answer them in any order, and take the time you need to complete the quiz. Once you have finished, click on Finish this exam. If you wish to return to the main page of this section without doing the test, click on Return at the bottom of the page.

The Present Continuous or Progressive

Level: Beginners

1. She ... .

is danceing
are danceing
are dancing
is dancing
aren't dancing

2. ... carrots.

They are eating
They are eatting
They is eatting
They is eating
Are they eatting

3. ... TV.

I am watching
She is watch
He watching
Do you watching
Does he watching

4. ... this evening?

Are you coming
Are you comeing
Is he comeing
Coming you
Comeing you

5. ... mum in the kitchen?

Are you not helpping
Are not you helping
Are not you helpping
Aren't you helping
Aren't you helpin

6. ... . We can sit in the garden now.

It is rains
It isn't raining
It isn't rainning
It isn't rainin
They're raining

7. ... in the library?

Are not they studying
Are not they studing
Are they not studing
Are they not studying
Are not we stuyding

8. ... late, love.

It is geting
It is getin
It's getin
It is getting
It getting

9. ... her this afternoon.

He's visitting
He visitting
He is visiting
He visiting
Is he visiting

10. ... to wonder if that it's true.

I begining
I'm begining
Am I begining
I am beginning
Begining I

11. Tom is upstairs. He ... a letter to his girlfriend.

is writeing
are writeing
is writing
are writing
is writting


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