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Tests for learning English


Each question has five alternatives. Please choose the correct one. You can answer them in any order, and take the time you need to complete the quiz. Once you have finished, click on Finish this exam. If you wish to return to the main page of this section without doing the test, click on Return at the bottom of the page.

The Simple Past

Level: Beginners

1. How ...?
The room ... of gas, and he ... a cigarette.

the accident happened, smelled, lit
the accident happened, smelled, lighted
did the accident happen, smelt, lit
did the accident happened, smelt, lighted
did the accident happened, smelled, lit

2. How on earth ... them?
Someone ... me where they ... .

find you, told, were
did you found, told, were
found, told, were
did you find, told, were
did you find, was told, were

3. I ... my eyes when I ... my father dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.

could not believe, saw
cannot believe, saw
can't believe, was seeing
could not believe, was seeing
did not believe, was seeing

4. Last night I ... a horrible headache, so I ... out. I ... at home.

was having, didn't go, stayed
had, didn't go, stayed
had, not went, stayed
had, didn't go, staied
was having, didn't went, stayed

5. Yesterday we ... a lot of things. We ... a lot of money.

buyed, spent
bought, spended
buyed, spended
bought, spent
didn't bought, spent

6. I ... yesterday morning, and I ... at work two hours late. My boss ... nothing.

overslept, arrived, said
oversleeped, arrived, said
oversleeped, arrived, sayed
overslept, arrived, sayed
overslept, arrove, said

7. ... that they ... last year?
No, I ... anything about it. Nobody ... me.

Did you know, gotten married, didn't know, told
Didn't you know, getted married, didn't know, told
Didn't you know, got married, didn't know, told
Did not you know, got married, didn't know, told
Did you know, got married, didn't knew, told

8. Why ... the party so early?
I ... very tired, and ... to rest.

you left, was, needed
did you leave, were, needed
did you leave, was, didn't need
left you, was needed
did you leave, was, needed

9. 'Last night I ... a lot because I ... an exam early this morning. Now I am going to bed because I am tired,' Miss Brown ... .

studyed, had, said
studied, had, said
studied, haved, said
studied, had, sayed
studed, had, said

10. If you ... to stay, then why ...?

didn't want, you stayed
didn't wanted, you stayed
didn't want, did you stay
wanted you, stay you
wanted, did you stayed

11. I know he ... to me because somebody I trust ... me the truth.

lay, told
lain, told
lied, telled
lied, told
lied, telled


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