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Tests for learning English


Each question has five alternatives. Please choose the correct one. You can answer them in any order, and take the time you need to complete the quiz. Once you have finished, click on Finish this exam. If you wish to return to the main page of this section without doing the test, click on Return at the bottom of the page.

The Simple Past and the Past Continuous (or Progressive)

Level: Intermediate

1. I ... home late last night. Everybody ... .

was coming, was sleeping
was coming, slept
was coming, were sleeping
came, were sleeping
came, was sleeping

2. Last night I ... Mary. She ... a big cigar.

saw, was smoking
was seeing, was smoking
saw, smoked
was seeing, smoked
was seeing, was smokeing

3. A burglar ... into my house last night while I ... . This morning everything ... in a mess.

broke, slept, was
broke, was sleeping, was
was breaking, slept, was
broke, was sleeping, was being
was breaking, was sleepping, was

4. She ... me when I ... at some birds. Then she ... that she ... me.

was kissing, was looking, said, loved
was kissing, looked, said, loved
were kissing, looked, said, loved
kissed, was looking, said, loved
kissed, was looking, was saying, loved

5. I ... a patient when you ... . This is why I ... the phone.

saw, rang, didn't answer
saw, were ringing, didn't answer
was seeing, rang, didn't answer
saw, rang, wasn't answering
was seeing, were ringing, wasn't answering

6. Two people ... killed in the accident last night. They ... a motorbike at top speed when they ... into a tree.

was, drove, crashed
were, drove, crashed
were, drove, were crashing
were, were driving, crashed
were, were driving, were crashing

7. It ... a starry night. Mr Brown ... on a chair and ... a cigar. Mrs Brown ... at the stars. Both of them ... very happy.

were, were sitting, smoking, looked, were
was, sat, smoked, looked, was
was, was sitting, smoking, was looking, were
were, were sitting, were smoking, were looking, were
was, was sitting, smoking, was looking, were being

8. Mr Green ... home very late. His wife ..., and he ... to wake her up.

was arriving, slept, didn't want
was arriving, was sleeping, didn't want
arrived, slept, didn't want
arrived, slept, wasn't wanting
arrived, was sleeping, didn't want

9. I ... television when I ... asleep. I ... very tired.

was watching, fell, was
watched, fell, was
watched, fell, was being
watched, was falling, was
was watching, was falling, was

10. Mr Yellow ... afraid of everything, which is why he ... very little. He ... all he ... over the Internet so as not to leave his house.

was, went out, bought even, needed
was, went out, even bought, needed
was, was going out, was even buying, was needing
were, went out, bought even, needed
was, went out, even bought, was needing


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