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Jan 12, 2010, 10:45 AM

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I have a question. Up to now I have learned that the structure" Would have pp" is used for conditional sentences type three. However, sometime when I am reading something, I am faced with some sentences that the abovementioned structure has been used in them , but they are not related to conditional sentences at all. For example, some days ago, I saw the following sentences:

"The third day, however, the old man would have seen his friend's body being carried to the churchyard for burial."

Would you please explain to me the use " Would have pp."
Thank you

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Jan 13, 2010, 9:21 PM

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Re: [David] question

Hello, David!

Please note that the past form of will is would:

I will (or shall) see her
You will see her
He will see her
She will see her
It will see her
We will (or shall) see her
They will see her

The past form of will
I would (or should) see her
You would see her
He would see her
She would see her
It would see her
We would (or should) see her
They would see her

Future perfect
I will (or shall) have seen her
You will have seen her
He will have seen her
She will have seen her
It will have seen her
We will (or shall) have seen her
They will have seen her

The past form of will have
I would (or should) have seen her
You would have seen her
He would have seen her
She would have seen her
It would have seen her
We would (or should) have seen her
They would have seen her

The past or conditional form of "the old man will have seen his..." is "the old man would have seen his...".

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