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You cannot use Hotmail

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Feb 4, 2013, 9:45 PM

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You cannot use Hotmail

Hello, everyone!

Several months ago, we noticed that Hotmail blocked one of our servers. Now it has also blocked the server where Polseguera.org is, which means that you cannot use Hotmail accounts to sign up because the email message sent to make sure you use a valid email address will never reach you. Hotmail will filter it, and will never deliver it to you.

This is not our fault. There is no way of contacting them. We find it unacceptable. We are not spammers. We recommend against using Hotmail because there will be lots of email messages that you will never see; and believe us, some of them will not be spam.

Please do not use Hotmail accounts to write to us, or you will never receive a reply.

Best regards,