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Author: Polseguera | Published: 10-12-2009 | Times seen: 154497 | Category: Vocabulary


The difference between steal and rob


Hello! What is the difference between "steal" and "rob"? If nobody replies, I will explain this in a couple of weeks or so.

Do you know of any other words with a similar meaning?


Author: Mike | Published: 04-01-2010 | Times seen: 154237 | Category: Vocabulary


Re: [Polseguera] The difference between steal and rob


You rob somebody or a place of something, but you steal something from somebody.

Someone robbed me (of my money) yesterday. / I was robbed yesterday. (passive sentence)
He stole a pullover from the shop round the corner a week ago.
He is in prison for robbing a bank.
She stole his car.



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