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Author: Polseguera | Published: 19-03-2008 | Times seen: 143704 | Category: Vocabulary


Phrases, sayings, set phrases, etc.


If you do not know the meaning of a phrase or saying, you only have to sign up, and post a thread. Someone may answer your query. It is free.

You may find the following web page useful: http://www.polseguera.com/phrases.htm Thank you.


Author: jrodolfo | Published: 04-06-2009 | Times seen: 138314 | Category: Vocabulary


Re: [Polseguera] Phrases, sayings, set phrases, etc.


Could you please tell me which is the right word?

Practise or Practice

Thank you for your reply.


Author: Polseguera | Published: 04-06-2009 | Times seen: 138285 | Category: Vocabulary


Re: [jrodolfo] Phrases, sayings, set phrases, etc.


Yes, sure! In British English, practise is the verb, and practice is the noun. In American English, practice is used for both the verb and the noun.

For example:
She is practising her English. (verb)
She needs more practice. (noun)

If you have further questions, let us know. Thank you.



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