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Author: Mike | Published: 09-03-2009 | Times seen: 119221 | Category: Practise your English


Topics for discussion


1 You win the lottery
2 Euthanasia
3 Should the sale of alcohol and tobacco be banned? Why?
4 Is love or money what makes the world go round? Why?
5 Is money the root of all evil?
6 What do you like doing in your free time?
7 Why are you studying English?
8 Do you approve of so much football on TV?
9 What are your favourite TV programmes?
10 How important is reading?
11 Abortion
12 Chauvinism versus feminism
13 Women’s rights
14 Did you have a nice weekend?
15 Is there a taxi stand/rank near here?
16 A fairy grants you three wishes
17 Is there life after death?
18 Do you think there is life on other planets?
19 Do you think there is too much violence on TV?
20 Do you like travelling? Why?
21 Are competitive examinations fair? Why?
22 There is no smoke without fire
23 What’s the worst/best experience you have ever had?
24 Where would you go if you had a time machine?
25 Do you like dangerous sports?
26 Would you like to be immortal?
27 It takes all sorts to make a world
28 Excuse me, is there a cash dispenser near here?
29 You find a viper on your bed
30 Are you afraid of getting old and dying?
31 Would you like to have a large family?
32 Would you like to live abroad?
33 What would you do if you were going to pay the bill and had no money at all?
34 Are you afraid of the dark?
35 Do you believe in ghosts?
36 How do I get to the nearest petrol station?
37 Excuse me, where is the town hall?
38 What do you think of globalisation?
39 Men's rights
40 Children's rights
41 Would you like to live on a desert island?
42 What punishment do corrupt politicians and judges deserve?
43 Capital punishment should be abolished everywhere in the world. Do you agree?



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