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Author: Farham | Published: 13-09-2010 | Times seen: 775733 | Category: English Grammar: Beginners


strange grammatical structure


I saw a strange grammatical structure while reading an English text: " if a film, play, etc is held over, it is shown or performed more time than was originally planned.
Here is my question. Should not we bring " it" after than. I think we should be saying: " more time than it was originally planned. If the sentence is correct, would you please tell me why it is correct?



Author: Vivian | Published: 24-05-2010 | Times seen: 775496 | Category: English Grammar: Beginners


Re: [Farham] strange grammatical structure


Hi Farham, the structure of this sentence is similar to that of "Tom is more daring than quick-witted." The comparison is drawn between two aspects of the same subject, and after "than", the subject is omitted. Therefore, that sentence is correct.



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