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Gramàtica anglesa de nivell mitjà pas a pas (Intermediate English Grammar Step by Step)


     UNITAT 8 - La clau


Observa que podria haver-hi altres opcions a les respostes de davall. A més, s'ha emprat / per indicar alternatives diferents.

1 a is going to resign b are not going to allow c Are they really going to rent d is going to take e Are you going to study

2 a will not turn / won't turn b will pay c will take d will repay e Will it do

3 a am sitting b are having c is not going d Are they coming e is selling

4 a will tell b is studying c is coming d is going to crash e will pay

5 a am going (to go) b will not watch c am meeting, is waiting d are getting e will make f will pay g Will you read h am making, will go i is taking j will snow k am going to mend l will water m am investing, are signing / are going to sign, will make n Aren't you going to invite / Are you not going to invite / Aren't you inviting / Are you not inviting o is she doing, is going to throw p are climbing, will happen q Will you prepare r will lend s will massage t is going, will go u are playing / are going to play v am buying / am going to buy w is opening x will have y will tell z will do

Autor: Miquel Molina i Diez
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