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Gramàtica anglesa de nivell mitjà pas a pas (Intermediate English Grammar Step by Step)


     UNITAT 7 - La clau


Observa que podria haver-hi altres opcions a les respostes de davall. A més, s'ha emprat / per indicar alternatives diferents.

1 a has been b have lost c have lived d has not stopped e Has he passed

2 a Did you see b Did he come c did you meet, met d did not know e gave, found

3 a has lived b lived, found, moved c used, gave d have smoked / have been smoking e have taught / have been teaching

4 a have just finished b has just phoned c have just told d has just stopped e have just had

5 a have never been b has written c has been d have you invited e have you been, have been

6 a have you ever met b have sold c Have you done d has not done e Has she bought

7 a died, loved, found b made c got, married, was d have not done e has been f Have you seen, have not seen, saw g Haven't you read / Have you not read, have not read, forgot, were h has known i have been j have been k has just left l have never failed m have had n Have you called o played p Didn't you know, was q rained r began, arrived, missed s has taken t have lost u spent v did not pay, did not have / had not w have forgotten x did not watch, went y sent, was her birthday z did not hold, had

8 a have been trying b have been cheating c has been smoking d have been sleeping e has been making

9 a have been lying b has been doing c has always believed d have drawn e have been studying / have studied

10 a have you been learning / have you learnt / have you learned, have been learning / have learnt / have learned b has not shut c arrested d has been e has been typing, has typed f have failed g have made h have been pulling i had j have never revealed k have you been doing, arrived, have been looking, have you been, have been walking l has been m visited, changed, met, got n have been taking / have taken o have not said p has been sleeting q came, stood, gave, continued r have you ever written, have just written s put, went, returned t did not phone, had, thought u cooked, tasted, have ever had v has been digging w Has Peter come x fell, did not see, was y wanted, paid, did not accept z have not earned, have spent

11 a had baked b had performed c had never come d had not been e had gone

12 a had been driving b had been swimming c had been playing d had been talking e had been speaking

13 a started, had ever flown b had been repairing c had forgotten d had been cheating e had mended

14 a stayed, had fallen b had let, (had) said, had robbed c had been playing, wanted, was losing d had left, had e has come f has been snowing g did not have, had already got h escaped, has seen i stole j had been painting k got, had already robbed, (had) left, had been looking / had looked, were, ran, occurred, have still not been / still have not been l have seen, have never been m have been making n built o did not sleep, still has not shown / has still not shown, has had p did not follow, fired, told q did not put, was, had not ironed r had read s has mended t have been drinking u told, had failed v has been smoking / has smoked, adored w had not realised, burst x divorced, thought y had had, had been overeating z have been going / have gone, came

Autor: Miquel Molina i Diez
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