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Gramàtica anglesa de nivell mitjà pas a pas (Intermediate English Grammar Step by Step)


     UNITAT 1 - La clau
     EL VERB "TO BE"


Observa que no s'han inclòs totes les alternatives possibles, per la qual cosa podria haver-hi altres opcions a les respostes de davall. A més, s'ha emprat / per indicar solucions diferents. Recorda que no es contrau en les respostes breus en afirmativa.

1 a He is / He's b They are / They're c We are / We're d is e You are / You're

2 a isn't, she is / she's b It is not / It isn't / It's not c She is not / She isn't / She's not d They are not / They aren't / They're not e I am not / I'm not

3 a Are b Is c Are d Is e Am

4 a Aren't they / Are they not b Isn't he? / Is he not c Isn't this book / Is this book not d Aren't you / Are you not e Am I not

5 a is not, is b Are, 'm not c Is, he is d is, 's e Are, 'm not f Are g am, is h is i 's j Are, 'm k are l is m Aren't, 's n is, is o is p am not q are not, is r Aren't, 'm s are, 're t is, 's u Isn't, 's v is w Are, are x 're, 'm y 's z is, is

6 a were b was c was d were e were

7 a was not b wasn't c were not d wasn't e wasn't

8 a Were b Were c Was d Was e Was

9 a Was he not b Wasn't c Were they not d Weren't e Weren't

10 a was, isn't b were c was d Was e were

11 a is, is, are b were c weren't, were d is, is ('s no és possible ací) e was f Are g Aren't h isn't, 's i Are, are ('re no és possible ací) j are, are k is, 's, 's, 's l is m were n were, was o Was, was p Isn't, 's q are r Weren't, was s 's t was u Is, 'm, isn't v is, are, are w is x were, Were y wasn't z was, was, was

a  There are not a lot of trees.
   Are there a lot of trees?
b  There isn't a spider on the table.
   Is there a spider on the table?
c  There were not many soldiers.
   Were there many soldiers?
d  There was not a dictionary on the bedside table.
   Was there a dictionary on the bedside table?
e  He's not listening to music.
   Is he listening to music?
f  They're not writing to their parents.
   Are they writing to their parents?
g  She's not a publican.
   Is she a publican?
h  They were not overseas last week.
   Were they overseas last week?
i  You're not very clever.
   Are you very clever?
j  They are not very intelligent.
   Are they very intelligent?
k  He's not resting now.
   Is he resting now?
l  You're not a lawyer.
   Are you a lawyer?
m  We are not free.
   Are we free?
n  It's not a glow-warm.
   Is it a glow-warm?
o  They're not brave.
   Are they brave?
p  He is not a fool.
   Is he a fool?
q  The birds were not singing.
   Were the birds singing?
r  The house wasn't empty.
   Was the house empty?
s  The concert was not a roaring success.
   Was the concert a roaring success?
t  There was not a fly on the cake.
   Was there a fly on the cake?
u  He was not a good suitor.
   Was he a good suitor?
v  My car is not in its last legs.
   Is my car in its last legs?
w  His leg was not in plaster.
   Was his leg in plaster?
x  John and his sister are not over there.
   Are John and his sister over there?
y  Tim was not content with his pay.
   Was Tim content with his pay?
z  The house was not on fire.
   Was the house on fire?

13 a being b being c being d being e being

14 a be b to be c to be d be e be, be

15 a been b been c been d been e been

16 a been, was, been b to be, is c isn't d is, being, to be e being f are g Weren't, wasn't h is, to be, is i are, is, being j isn't, isn't, is k was l was, aren't m are n be o are, be, was p be, am not q being, am r Aren't, am not, am, is s to be, were not t been u was, to be, am ('m no és possible ací) v are, to be, is, was, been, is w be, (be) x am, is, be, were, is y are, are, is z be, is

a  I'm twenty (years old), and (I'm) tall
b  There wasn't any water, but there were some bunches of grapes.
c  I love being here. The view is beautiful.
d  Never be afraid.
e  It must have been the wind.
f  The fence is being painted.
g  They have been here all their lives.
h  There has been a water leak.
i  I was watering the plants when you arrived home.
j  "Aren't you going to give me a kiss on the cheek?"
   "No, I'm not. I'm very angry."
k  They were ill yesterday, but not today.
l  There had been an earthquake.
m  I / She may be pregnant.
n  I think it was yesterday, but I'm not sure. It could have been the day before yesterday.
o  Aren't you tired of doing the same things every day?
p  "Is there any beer?"
   "No, there isn't, but there is some wine."
q  They weren't dancing. They were singing.
r  We were very lucky to find drinking water.
s  Am I missing anything?
t  It can't be true. It must be a lie.
u  We weren't cold. We were hot, and very thirsty.
v  Be careful! It's very fragile.
w  Today is Wednesday.
x  You're right. We are in a hurry.
y  "What's the weather like today?"
   "It's snowing, and (it's) very cold."
z  You are Scottish, aren't you?

Autor: Miquel Molina i Diez
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