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Intermediate English Grammar Step by Step


     UNIT 10 - The key


Please notice that there may be other options to the ones provided in this key. Furthermore, a slash (/) has been used to include different alternatives.

1 a buy, will help b is, will catch c will show d will arrive, do not hurry e continues, will not be

2 a contract, are b Do not stand, are c go, often get d Sit, want e is, usually spend

3 a were not, would go b would you do, saw c had, would not share d got, would ruin e would have, were

4 a had loved, would not have abandoned b had been, would have answered c would not have run, had filled d had expressed, would not have lost e had not had, would have taken

5 a would be, had married b would take, had lent c needed, would have said d had not told, would not be e had not studied, would not be

6 (suggestions) a we will have to resign b we could go on a picnic c he had not lost his job d you had invited them e would not cook the books f would not be here now g you had asked my advice h you do not remind her i you study harder j he fills it up with petrol k do not breathe a word of this to anybody l you will be grounded for a week m would not have had the accident n would find another job o I would still be his girlfriend p I would never have met my wife q will die r you did not complain so much s would be in big trouble t we had not had a puncture u arrive home late v do not want to get into trouble with the boss w he comes here x they had not adopted him y ask for a pay increase z I will go home

7 a If it were not spitting with rain, I would go out b If you do not tell me what happened, I will get angry c If her husband had not abandoned her, she would not have been so sad d If you do not keep your mouth shut, you will get into trouble e If she had not been ill in bed, she could / would have attended the reception f If I were you, I would drink less g If he had not make so many mistakes / a lot of mistakes in his composition, he would not have failed h If he did not live abroad, we would see each other more often i If you visit us some time next week, we will take you sightseeing j If you put this record on, I will dance with you k If I did not have a lot of things / so many things to do, I would / could go with you l If you had followed my advice last night, your stomach would not ache so terribly m If the flat had not been extremely / so expensive, we would have bought it n If you keep calm, it will do you good o If he were not so selfish, he would not be so lonely p If they had not used low-quality materials to build the house, they would not have to pull it down now q If I were you, I would sell the house at a cheaper price r If the neighbours' dog had not barked at all last night, I would have slept peacefully s If it were not so chilly outside, I would go for a swim t If I did not have an awful headache, I would have gone to school today u If I were not so afraid of spiders, I would not have been so frighten v If I had seen you, I would have said hello to you w If I were not so poor, I would travel more often x If he had not robbed a bank, he would not have been arrested y If it had not been for you / But for you, I would not have conquered her heart z If I had not been infatuated with her, I would not have covered up for her

Written by Miquel Molina i Diez
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