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Intermediate English Grammar Step by Step


     UNIT 6 - The key


Please notice that there may be other options to the ones provided in this key. Furthermore, a slash (/) has been used to include different alternatives.

1 a lived, died b played c came, had d married e stopped, got

2 a did not want b did not believe c did not do d did not go e did not impress

3 a Did you see b Did he love c Did we invite d Did they tell e Did Sir Alexander Fleming discover

4 a was preparing b was going c Were they talking d were not doing e were going

5 a went b was putting / put, was meeting, wanted c began, were d met, was wearing, looked e was watching, was reading

6 a was sleeping, entered b used c won, bought d saw e was having, was having, finished, went, had f ran, was wearing, did not recognise, said, told g was taking h Did you go, was i had, stopped, was j got, sat, had k were coming l were, did, was m was waiting, started, had n was, felt, was, let, liked o ran, met, fell, got, lived p told, believed, needed, helped, believed, was always lying q were sunbathing r destroyed, was spending s wrote t thought, revolved u stayed, was, lit, opened, had v entered, heard, did not see, got, noticed, was sleeping w were coming, had x played, died, ceased y were you doing, phoned, was doing z Did you inform, had

Written by Miquel Molina i Diez
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