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Oraciones negativas e interrogativas (nivel intermedio)


Transforme las oraciones siguientes en negativa y en interrogativa:


1.   He's the best player in the team.

2.   They deserve it.

3.   I have a nap every afternoon.

4.   There was a tin of tuna.

5.   We're the champions.

6.   It flies.

7.   She's got the flu.

8.   They believed him.

9.   He sat down.

10.  They came.

11.  We hate colonialism.

12.  You ought to visit them.

13.  You've got the power.

14.  He has a million pounds.

15.  There should be more freedom of speech.

16.  He used to be an avid reader.

17.  She's always been his secret love.

18.  He'll help them.

19.  I'd stay here.

20.  They'd done it.

21.  He could speak Catalan.

22.  He had his beard shaved.

23.  You'll have to do it.

24.  I shall open the window.

25.  She can play the saxophone.

26.  They've been very busy lately.

27.  There were two mice.

28.  There's a gnat in my soup.

29.  There used to be a lot of water here.

30.  We'd put them on the table if we were you.

31.  She shut the door.

32.  They often go running.

33.  He goes there from time to time.

34.  He was enjoying himself.

35.  She has breakfast at eight o'clock.

36.  We've got an appointment at half past five.

37.  There's some milk.

38.  I saw him somewhere.

39.  You may smoke here.

Autor: Miquel Molina i Diez
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