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Gramàtica anglesa gratuïta (Bàsic » Mitjà)


UNITAT 2 - Some, any + -body / -one, + -thing, + -where1


Els compostos de some i any actuen de la mateixa manera que some i any, ço és, some-, per a l'afirmativa i, any-, per a la interrogativa i la negativa, tot i que usem some- en la interrogativa en peticions, en oferiments o quan esperem una resposta afirmativa, com vàrem veure a la unitat anterior. Exemples:

I saw somebody there. (Vaig veuré algú allí.)

I did not see anybody there. (No vaig veure ningú allí.)

Did you see anybody there? (¿Vas veure algú allí?)

Would you like something better? (¿Vols alguna cosa millor?)


En comptes de I did not see anybody there, també es pot dir I saw nobody there, però no podem negar dues vegades: *I did not see nobody there.


Somebody, someone i anybody signifiquen el mateix que anyone, nobody i no-one respectivament. No-one s'escriu també no one.


Any pot significar també "qualsevol":

You can take any pencil. (Pots agafar qualsevol llapis / Pots agafar el llapis que vulgues.)

Anybody can do it. It's very easy. (Qualsevol sap fer-ho. És molt fàcil.)


Ja per acabar vegem els següentes exemples:

Somebody told me you were abroad. (Algú em va dir que eres a l'estranger.)

Nobody came to the meeting. (Ningú no va anar / vindre a la reunió.)

Was there anybody in the house? (¿Hi havia algú a la casa?)

I want something to eat. (Vull alguna cosa de menjar.)

I don't need anything. (No necessite res.)

I need nothing. (No necessite res.)

Would you like something to drink? (¿Vols alguna cosa per beure?)

Is there anything in that drawer? (¿Hi ha alguna cosa en aquell calaix?)

I want to go somewhere else. (Vull anar a un altre lloc.)

I didn't go anywhere. (No vaig anar enlloc.)

I went nowhere. (No vaig anar enlloc.)

Have you seen my car keys anywhere? (¿Has vist les claus del cotxe enlloc?)



  Ompli els espais en blanc amb somebody, anybody, nobody, something, anything, nothing, somewhere, anywhere o nowhere.

  1.  I know __________ about this issue that you may find interesting, but if I tell you, you must promise to keep it (a) secret.

  2.  __________ lives here. There is no water.

  3.  I spent the night __________ near the beach.

  4.  __________ could have jumped over this wall, and stole your rake. It's very low.

  5.  __________ scares him. He's very brave.

  6.  There is __________ to park here. Let's go __________ else to park.

  7.  Would you like __________ to wash your hands?.

  8.  May I have __________ for dessert, please?

  9.  They took him __________ in London, and he never returned.

 10.  Please don't leave __________ behind at home. We'll be away for a fortnight.

 11.  She needs __________ to love. She's very lonely.

 12.  They will not sing __________ in this city. They said that they would never come back.

 13.  There isn't __________ you can do to help them. __________ can help them.

 14.  We do not need __________ else to run this department. We can do it ourselves.

 15.  __________ is ringing the bell. Go and see who it is.

 16.  __________ phoned while we were out, but they did not leave a message.

 17.  __________ tells me that there is __________ fishy going on .

 18.  They are looking for __________ to settle down and have children. They want to find a quiet place to lead a quiet life.

 19.  "Where would you like to stay?"

       "__________ will do provided it is a clean place."

 20.  "Is there __________ at home?"

       "I don't think there is __________. Mum and dad must have gone out."


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