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Tests per a aprendre anglès


Cada pregunta té cinc alternatives. Escull la correcta. Pots respondre-les en qualsevol ordre i no hi ha límit de temps. Quan acabes, només cal premer Finalitza aquest examen. Si vols tornar a la pàgina principal de la secció sense fer la prova, polsa en Torna davall de l'examen.

Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs and Determiners

Nivell: Mitjà

1. Mary is always looking at ... in the mirror, but I can understand ...: ... is so beautiful. ... can resist ... charms.

her, her, she, Everyone, her
herself, her, she, Everybody, her
herself, her, she, Nobody, her
her, her, she, Nobody, her
herself, her, she, Somebody, her

2. Peter's life only revolves around ... family. ... thinks that ... family life is what should make ... world go round.

his, He, -, the
their, He, -, the
his, He, the, the
their, He, the, the
his, He, the, a

3. We write to ... every day. We love ... very much. I have never met ... who is so sweet and attentive. I miss ... a lot.

us, us, anyone, him
each other, each other, anyone, him
us, us, someone, him
each other, each other, someone, him
us, us, anyone, his

4. ... man killed ... because ... had lost ... job, ... flat, and had ... to go, and ... to eat. ... was ... alone and in desperate need of help, but ... lifted a finger to help ... .

A, itself, he, his, his, nowhere, nothing, He, all, nobody, him
The, himself, he, his, his, somewhere, something, He, all, somebody, him
A, himself, he, her, her, nowhere, nothing, She, all, nobody, her
A, himself, he, his, his, nowhere, nothing, He, any, nobody, him
The, himself, he, his, his, nowhere, nothing, He, all, nobody, him

5. ... train leaves ... station at ten o'clock. ... must be on ... time. Please do not be late. Thank you.

The, the, Everybody, the
The, the, Everybody, -
A, a, Everybody, -
A, a, Everybody, the
The, the, All, -

6. In ... modern world, ... wars would be something of ... past, and ... armies would not be necessary. ... would live in harmony.

-, -, the, -, they
a, the, the, the, they
the, the, the, the, Everybody
-, -, -, -, Everybody
a, -, the, -, Everybody

7. I will give ... of you ten pounds if ... help ... to lift this. ... can't do it by ... .

every, you, me, I, me
every, you, me, I, myself
each, you, me, I, myself
each, you, me, I, itself
all, you, me, I, itself

8. I do not like playing ... football, but I like playing ... violin. I love ... music, but detest ... football.

-, the, -, -
the, the, -, -
the, the, the, the
-, -, -, -
-, -, the, the

9. Did she stayed at ... home that night?
No, she stayed at ... home of ... woman who had been in ... prison because ... had robbed a bank that had robbed ... previously.

-, -, a, -, she, her
the, the, a, the, she, her
-, the, a, -, she, her
-, -, a, the, she, her
-, the, a, the, she, herself

10. He enjoys being on ... own and talking to ... . He also writes poems for ... . He loves ... a lot.

her, herself, him, him
him, himself, himself, himself
his, him, him, him
his, himself, himself, himself
himself, himself, himself, himself

11. I have been studying all ... night, and now I am very tired. I think I will have ... coffee, ... toast, and ... biscuit.

the, a, a, a
-, a, some, a
the, some, some, a
-, some, some, some
-, a, a, a


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