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Tests per a aprendre anglès


Cada pregunta té cinc alternatives. Escull la correcta. Pots respondre-les en qualsevol ordre i no hi ha límit de temps. Quan acabes, només cal premer Finalitza aquest examen. Si vols tornar a la pàgina principal de la secció sense fer la prova, polsa en Torna davall de l'examen.

Personal Pronouns and Possessives

Nivell: Mitjà

1. I wonder where I left ... shoes. I can't find ... anywhere, and I have to wear ... at the reception.

my, them, them
them, them, them
her, them, his
mine, theirs, theirs
your, them, them

2. Last night he dreamt that he was a warlock, and enjoyed using ... evil magic powers. Nobody could defeat ... . The world was ... .

her, her, hers
your, you, yours
him, him, him
his, him, his
his, his, his

3. Mr Black, have you seen ... daughter anywhere? I am looking for ..., but I can't find ... .
Oh, yes! ...'s sitting on the grass over there.

her, her, her, she
his, his, his, he
my, her, her, she
theirs, them, them, they
your, him, him, he

4. Is there anything else I can do for ..., sir?
Wake ... up at seven thirty, please. I have an important appointment.

you, you
me, me
her, him
you, me
me, you

5. Nobody is ready, ...?

isn't there
aren't you
aren't they
are we
are they

6. Last night someone broke into ... house. ... stole some valuable paintings from ... grandfather, who was a famous artist.

his, He, her
my, They, my
their, They, his
ours, They, ours
your, They, its

7. Why do people like football?
I don't know why ... like ..., but to tell ... the truth, I hate ... .

they, it, them, them
he, it, you, it
they, it, you, it
she, it, you, it
they, them, them, them

8. When I entered the house, Mr Green was drinking a glass of a very expensive brandy. ... was also smoking a big cigar. ... smelt horrible, but I guess ... was quite pricey too. ... said that that was life: a fine brandy and an excellent cigar.

He, It, it, He
She, It, it, She
He, He, he, He
They, They, they, They
It, It, it, It

9. ... was raining cats and dogs that night. Mrs Black was not afraid, but ... son was, as ... was only four.

It, his, he
It, her, he
He, her, he
He, his, he
It, its, it

10. Can ... borrow five pounds from ..., Paul!
Yes, sure. Here ... are!

you, me, they
you, me, we
they, me, we
I, you, you
you, me, you


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