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Tests per a aprendre anglès


Cada pregunta té cinc alternatives. Escull la correcta. Pots respondre-les en qualsevol ordre i no hi ha límit de temps. Quan acabes, només cal premer Finalitza aquest examen. Si vols tornar a la pàgina principal de la secció sense fer la prova, polsa en Torna davall de l'examen.


Nivell: Avançat

1. I couldn't avoid being sick ... the floor. I was perfectly well, but all ... a sudden, I felt awful. Maybe it was something I ate ... the wedding party. Maybe the canapés did not agree ... me. I had a lot of them. They were delicious.

on, in, at, on
over, in, at, with
on, of, at, with
in, of, in, with
on, of, in, on

2. The supermarket is ... the opera house. There is a big tree just ... the supermarket. It hides the main entrance if you look ... it ... the other side of the street.

in front of, in front of, at, from
opposite, in front of, at, from
opposite, opossite, at, from
in front of, in front of, at, on
opposite, behind, from, to

3. People ... 18 cannot enter the place. They must be ... 18, and John is 17, so we'd better go somewhere else. There is a shopping centre just ... the corner, and a cinema a few hundred yards ... here.

below, over, above, from
below, above, around, in
above, below, around, from
under, over, round, from
underneath, above, round, from

4. When we arrived ... the river, there were some kids swimming ... the river, and their parents were sitting ... the grass. We parked our car ... a tree, as it was sunny and hot, and it was better ... the shade.

at, in, on, beside, on
in, on, on, under, in
at, in, on, near, on
in, in, on, next to, in
at, in, on, under, in

5. ... getting here, we have had to stop several times. There is something wrong ... the car, and it needs fixing. We must be back ... dark, since my husband does not like driving ... night.

In, with, before, at
On, with, before, at
By, with, after, at
On, in, before, at
In, in, before, by

6. The train ... Lisbon will depart ... platform 4 ... twenty minutes. Please go ... the bridge.

from, at, at about, across
to, from, at around, across
from, from, at about, across
to, from, in about, over
from, in, in about, over

7. When I saw my wife ... the first time, she was leaning ... a wall. She looked beautiful ... that red dress. It seems ... yesterday.

for, on, on, like
for, against, in, like
at, against, in, like
at, on, in, like
for, against, on, about

8. Thirty-five subtracted ... eighty leaves forty-five.
Eight ... forty goes five.
Fifty divided ... ten equals five.
Forty ... four is ten.

by, by, by, by
into, into, by, into
from, into, by, over
from, by, by, over
from, into, into, by

9. There is a traitor ... us. We cannot afford to have someone ... us ... our organisation, or we will end up ... gaol.

between, with, in, on
between, for, in, in
amongst, against, in, in
amongst, with, on, in
among, without, outside, in

10. Peter: If I were rich, I would travel all ... the world. I would buy the house ... the lake. I would spend a fortune ... luxury items...
John: Well, if I were rich, I would only work ... things I enjoy.

around, near, on, in
around, in, in, at
round, in, on, on
over, by, on, on
over, beside, in, upon


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