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Tests per a aprendre anglès


Cada pregunta té cinc alternatives. Escull la correcta. Pots respondre-les en qualsevol ordre i no hi ha límit de temps. Quan acabes, només cal premer Finalitza aquest examen. Si vols tornar a la pàgina principal de la secció sense fer la prova, polsa en Torna davall de l'examen.

Infinitives, Gerunds and Present Participles

Nivell: Avançat

1. Last night she entered her room ... . I saw the tears ... down her face. This morning after ... a glass of milk, she left home ... again, and has not come back yet.

to cry, roll, to take, to cry
to cry, to roll, to take, to cry
crying, rolling, taking, crying
to cry, roll, taking, cry
crying, to roll, taking, crying

2. I remember ... for long walks in the woods with her when we were teenagers. I'm glad ... that she's well. Please remember ... her my regards.

going, seeing, giving
going, to see, giving
to go, to see, to give
going, to see, to give
to go, to see, giving

3. I can't understand people's ... for the same political party no matter what they do. Corrupt politicians deserve ... severely. We cannot afford ... governed by them.

voting, punishing, being
voting, punishing, to be
to vote, to punish, to be
to vote, punishing, to be
to vote, punishing, being

4. This knife is used ... cured ham only.
I suggest ... the ham with a bottle of red wine, and some olives.
Yes, that's a good idea. We mustn't forget ... some bread too.

for cutting, accompanying, to bring
to cut, accompanying, to bring
to cut, to accompany, to bring
for cutting, accompanying, bringing
to cut, to accompany, bringing

5. I advise ... there until it clears up. I also recommend you ... a fire.
But they don't allow ... fires.

to wait, to light, to light
waiting, to light, lighting
waiting, lighting, lighting
to wait, lighting, to light
to wait, to light, lighting

6. We caught them ... into our house, and now they deny ... broken into our house. In addition, the neighbours saw them ... .

to break, to have, to flee
to break, to have, flee
breaking, having, fleeing
breaking, to have, fleeing
to break, having, fleeing

7. Yes, I fancy ... on holiday next week, but I must have my sister ... my dog.

to go, feed
to go, to feed
going, to feed
going, feeding
going, feed

8. When they told me that the zone was so dangerous, I was afraid ... killed, so I stopped ..., and sat down.

of being, to walk
of being, walking
to be, walking
to be, to walk
for being, walking

9. She took ... when she lost her job.

to drink
of drinking
for drinking
to drinking

10. ... her, he realised that he had not remembered ... her the most important thing, but now he could not call her again.

To phone, telling
phoning, to tell
Having phoned, to tell
Having phoned, telling
To have phoned, telling


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