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Tests per a aprendre anglès


Cada pregunta té cinc alternatives. Escull la correcta. Pots respondre-les en qualsevol ordre i no hi ha límit de temps. Quan acabes, només cal premer Finalitza aquest examen. Si vols tornar a la pàgina principal de la secció sense fer la prova, polsa en Torna davall de l'examen.

Personal Pronouns, Possessives and Reflexive Pronouns

Nivell: Avançat

1. When I saw ..., they were kissing (...) passionately. Time seemed to have stopped for ..., which brought back beautiful memories of that age.

them, (themselves), them
them (each other), them
her, (each other), them
her, (themselves), them
they, themselves, they

2. I cut ... when I was cooking some vegetables. ... love .... . ... are very good for the health.

it, I, them, They
you, I, it, They
you, I, them, They
myself, I, them, They
myself, I,they, They

3. Come on, open the door! ...'s .... ... need to talk to ... . ...'s urgent!

It, his, he, himself, He
She, him, I, you, It
It, me, I, you, It
He, her, I, you, It
It, them, myself, It

4. When I saw ... in the mirror, I could not believe ... eyes. I had turned into a monster. Luckily, ... was only a dream.

yourself, my, it
themselves, your, it
me, my, it
it, his, it
myself, my, it

5. ... love ... deeply, and have decided to get married. ... is very important to us that you come to ... wedding. ... will be held next spring.

They, themselves, It, their, It
We, each other, It, our, It
We, ourselves, It, our, It
He, himself, It, his, It
We, them, It, their, It

6. Everybody was looking for the missing girl. ... was found all by ... in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, nobody had hurt ..., and ... was safe and sound.

He, each other, him, he
She, herself, her, she
She, her, her, she
She, hers, herself, she
He, himself, him, he

7. The first thing he does in the morning is to shave ..., and have a shower. Then, he wakes ... children so that ... are ready for school in good time.

-, his, they
himself, his, they
himself, his, we
him, his, they
-, its, we

8. Margaret is very selfish. ... only loves ... .

She, them
She, it
She, herself
She, themselves
She, each other

9. Please don't make so much noise. I am trying to concentrate ... . Please relax ... and be quiet.

myself, -
myself, myself
-, -
myself, yourself
myself, yourselves

10. Our qualifications may be bad, but ... are even worse, so ... should shut up, and stop critising ... once and for all.

yours, you, us
yourself, you, us
their, you, us
yours, you, them
each other, you, them


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