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Gramática inglesa de nivel avanzado paso a paso (English Grammar Step by Step)


     UNIT 31 - The key

1 a at b in c on d in e in

2 a at b on c on d at e at

3 a during/in b for c since d for e during/in/at

4 a on b in c towards/by d by e within/inside/in

5 a before b after c past d from; to (or between; and) e until/till/up to/up until/up till

6 a on b in c since d in e since f at; by g for h for i During j by/on/for; by k on l past m to n at/by/before o during/in p at q Before; (for) r in s on; in t at; in u at; in v during/in w at x on y between; in; and; in (or from; in; to/until/till/up to; in) z at

7 a at b in/inside c at d on e in ("inside" is far less usual here)

8 a at/on b in c in d in e in

9 a on b on c in d in e at

10 a at b at c at d in e on

11 a on/at/upon b at c in d at e

12 a on b at c in d on e to

13 a (to the); at; on/to b in (= inside) c at d on e at f at; on g since h in i on j in k at l by m in n in o on p on q on r at s at/on t on u on v for w since x within/inside/in y on z at

14 a in b into/in c into d to e from; to

15 a along b down c up to d through e (a)round

16 a via/through b towards c beyond d beyond e via/by

17 a under1 b over/across c under d on e over

18 a over/above b across c (all over/all (a)round/throught/about) d over/above e under

19 a to; to b under c beyond d to; in e in f past g over/across h under i in j at k at l at; at; to m in(to) n in o up to p through q over; into r over/(a)round s on; over/above t through/via/by u —; at v on; at; on w for x since y along/up/down z during

20 a beneath b over ("above" is possible as well, but it is not so usual) c under ("below" is also possible, but it is much less usual) d under e Beneath/Underneath

21 a off b in/inside c out d out of/outside e on to/onto/on

22 a about b about/(all) (a)round/(all) over c about d on/about e about

23 a in front of/by b in front of c opposite d at e behind/after

24 a beside/next to/by b beside/alongside/with c near to/close to d near (to)/close to e by/next to/beside

25 a about b opposite; (a)round; over/across c on/about d on; off; on e after f about; at; past g out of; at; in; on; in; about/(a)round h upon i next to/by/beside j along; into/in k at l beneath m Under n under/underneath/beneath o about/throughout/(all) over/(all) (a)round p above; below q below r on/on to/onto s during/on t by/before; after u on v on w at x on y next to/beside/by; in z next to/beside/alongside

26 a for/in favour of; against; against b against c with d with e against

27 a among(st) b among(st) c between d among(st) e between

28 a without b with c by d with e in

29 a at b to c at d for e for

30 a plus; is/equals [or and; is/are/make(s)] b by c minus; equals/is/leaves (or take away, is/leaves; or less, is) d by; is/equals e minus; is/equals/leaves (or less, is; or take away, is/leaves)

31 a on/into/in/on to/onto b by c on d on/in e on

32 a by; on b on c off d against e among(st)/between (we are not very many) f in g by h at i to j at; at k minus/take away/less l by m by n for; on; in o over/across p on q of/about; behind r to s under; next to/beside/by t with u with; with v at w by; in x for y without z under/underneath/beneath; at

1  Beneath is sometimes used instead of under in a literary style.
Author: Miquel Molina i Diez
Pages: 1, 2, 3 and the key

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1  Negative and interrogative sentences (Page 2 and the key)

2  Short answers (Page 2 and the key)

3  Question tags (Page 2 and the key)

4  Questions and exclamations (Page 2 and the key)

5  So, neither, nor, either (the key)

6  Be, used to, would, be/get/become used to, dare, have, get, become, grow, go, turn, fall and feel (Page 2 and the key)

7  Verb tenses: forms (Page 2 and the key)

8  Irregular verbs

9  Verb tenses: uses (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5 and the key)

10 Personal pronouns, possessives and reflexive pronouns (Page 2 and the key)

11 The genitive case (the key)

12 Singular and plural nouns (Page 2 and the key)

13 Gender (the key)

14 A, an, some, any, no, not, none, each, every and the; compounds of some, any, no and every (Page 2, Page 3 and the key)

15 Neither, not...either, none, not...any, both and all (the key)

16 A few, few, a lot, lots, a little, little, many, much, no and plenty (the key)

17 Enough, too, so and such (the key)

18 Comparative and superlative sentences (Page 2 and the key)

19 Adjective order (the key)

20 Relative clauses (Page 2 and the key)

21 Do and make (the key)

22 Modal verbs (Page 2, Page 3 and the key)

23 Infinitives, gerunds and present participles (Page 2 and the key)

24 Conditional sentences (Page 2 and the key)

25 Passive sentences (the key)

26 Reported speech (Page 2 and the key)

27 Purpose (the key)

28 Word order (the key)

29 Inversion (the key)

30 Connectors (Page 2 and the key)

31 Prepositions (Page 2, Page 3 and the key)

32 Phrasal verbs (the key)

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