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Gramàtica anglesa de nivell avançat pas a pas (English Grammar Step by Step)


     UNIT 5 - The key

1 a So has mine b So am I c So does Peter d So did my grandmother e So should they f So does Amanda g So will I h So does Michael i So do the people next door j So are you

2 a and so is that one b and so is Molly c and so does hers d and so does my aunt e and so is Nancy f and so does her husband g and so does your partner h and so does Richard i and so did his cousin j and so did she

3 a Neither1 will theirs b Neither was Gertrude c Neither does her son d Neither will we e Neither did you f Neither could my niece g Neither was my nephew h Neither did his cousin i Neither was Gloria j Neither do we

4 a and2 neither3 does Alan b and neither does Linda c and neither is she d and neither was her husband e and neither were the restaurants f and neither does my stepdaughter g and neither did my friends h and neither did they i and neither will she j and neither need my sister

5 a So will I; and so will I b Neither was Rita; and neither was Rita c So were we d and so should you e Neither will he; and neither will he f Neither can I g So should your partner; and so should your partner h So does her father; and so does her father i Neither did my children; and neither did my children j So have we; and so have we k So does her husband; and so does her husband l So did his lawyer; and so did his lawyer m Neither did Constance; and neither did Constance n So did my literature teacher; and so did my literature teacher o So did his; and so did his p So did her sister; and so did her sister q So did my mum; and so did my mum r So did mine s So has her sister; and so has her sister t So did Philippa; and so did Philippa u Neither did Nicola; and neither did Nicola v Neither was her brother; and neither was her brother w So did they; and so did they x So are we y So is the main character in my novel z So is her man; and so is her man

6 a She didn't either; and4 she didn't either b We don't either; and we don't either c We don't either d Sarah can't either; and Sarah can't either e We haven't either; and we haven't either f The restaurant wasn't either; and the restaurant wasn't either g Sheila can't either; and Sheila can't either h Peter won't either; and Peter won't either i Her boy-friend isn't either; and her boy-friend isn't either j Her mother wasn't either; and her mother wasn't either

7 a Either; or; will make b Either; or; will be expelled c of; is d nor; tolerates e Neither; are f or; made g (either); or h or i Neither; is j neither; nor

8 a does she dress b dresses c do they wish d will Miss Wright e were f will they find g does he h was i are j did he buy

9 a Neither her argument nor yours holds water; Her argument does not hold water, and/but neither5 does yours (or ...and/but yours does not either) b She is permissive, and/but so is her husband c Neither Marilyn nor John stumbled over a piece of wood; Marilyn didn't stumble over a piece of wood, and/but neither did John (or ...and/but John didn't either) d —He flowers withered —So did his e —I won't tow his car to the local garage —Neither6 will I f Your handwriting is illegible, and/but so is hers g We shall have to close the shop down, and/but so will they h Either Ann or Molly is always picking on me for the worst jobs in this factory i I fell for her, and/but so did my friend j I know this area like the back of my hand, and/but so does she k She neither blushes nor smiles l Neither of the boys/Neither (boy) objected to my smoking in the room m Neither they nor I own a walled garden; They don't own a walled garden, and/but neither do I (or ...and/but I don't either) n Either Tom or George poisoned me o Neither Mark nor his niece missed the bus; Mark didn't missed the bus, and/but neither did his niece (or ...and/but his niece didn't either) p Either you give me a lollipop or I'll tell dad q Either you spill the beans or you will end up in a remand home r He is very immature for his age, and/but so are you s Neither Eric nor Luke is searching for adventure; Eric is not searching for adventure, and/but neither is Luke (or ...and/but Luke isn't either) t Neither she nor he will take bribes; She won't take bribes; and/but neither will he (or ...and/but he won't either) u Either of the two men will suit me perfectly/Either (man) will suit me perfectly v Neither you nor I care a damn; I don't care a damn, and/but neither do you (or ...and you don't either) w —I was fined two hundred pounds for dangerous driving —So were we x —I don't dread crocodiles —Neither do I y Either you get rid of that horrendous toy or you'll be punished z His foster-brother lives for his wedding day, and/but so does his future wife

1  Nor can be used instead of neither.
2  But may replace and.
3  Nor may be used in place of neither.
4  As has been seen earlier, but may be used instead of and.
5  See footnote 6 (section 4).
6  See footnote 5 (section 3).
Author: Miquel Molina i Diez
Pages: 1 and the key

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1  Negative and interrogative sentences (Page 2 and the key)

2  Short answers (Page 2 and the key)

3  Question tags (Page 2 and the key)

4  Questions and exclamations (Page 2 and the key)

5  So, neither, nor, either (the key)

6  Be, used to, would, be/get/become used to, dare, have, get, become, grow, go, turn, fall and feel (Page 2 and the key)

7  Verb tenses: forms (Page 2 and the key)

8  Irregular verbs

9  Verb tenses: uses (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5 and the key)

10 Personal pronouns, possessives and reflexive pronouns (Page 2 and the key)

11 The genitive case (the key)

12 Singular and plural nouns (Page 2 and the key)

13 Gender (the key)

14 A, an, some, any, no, not, none, each, every and the; compounds of some, any, no and every (Page 2, Page 3 and the key)

15 Neither, not...either, none, not...any, both and all (the key)

16 A few, few, a lot, lots, a little, little, many, much, no and plenty (the key)

17 Enough, too, so and such (the key)

18 Comparative and superlative sentences (Page 2 and the key)

19 Adjective order (the key)

20 Relative clauses (Page 2 and the key)

21 Do and make (the key)

22 Modal verbs (Page 2, Page 3 and the key)

23 Infinitives, gerunds and present participles (Page 2 and the key)

24 Conditional sentences (Page 2 and the key)

25 Passive sentences (the key)

26 Reported speech (Page 2 and the key)

27 Purpose (the key)

28 Word order (the key)

29 Inversion (the key)

30 Connectors (Page 2 and the key)

31 Prepositions (Page 2, Page 3 and the key)

32 Phrasal verbs (the key)

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