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Gramàtica anglesa de nivell avançat pas a pas (English Grammar Step by Step)


     UNIT 7 - The key


1 a does b normally fishes c teaches d never mixes e misses

2 a flies b relies c says d enjoys e studies

3 a waters b never raises c runs d blows e looks

4 a want b always mistake; look c always treat d reckon e disapprove

5 a go b gets; always makes c keep d flies e need f comes g spreads1 h lays i sees; kisses j goes k catches l costs m sell n gets, slams o wishes p hate q annoys r propose s tease t never calls u upsets v think; conveys w talks x belong; always tell y scares z says; needs

6 a does not2 praise b does not rain c does not avoid; does not have; does not want to d does not collect e does not usually buy

7 a do not3 usually show b do not carry c do not show d do not tell e do not dream

8 a Does he call b Does she make c Does it snow d Does he have e Does he not rule/Doesn't he rule

9 a Do they wish b Do you have c Do your parents defend d Do you fancy e Do they not use/Don't they use

10 a Do you like b wants c get; stay d Do you not like/Don't you like e Does she not avoid/Doesn't she avoid f do you do; watch; read g Do you want h do not/don't have; still do not/don't see; save; think i reads; do not/don't believe j only purchase k looks l Do you want; drink m do not/don't give; serves n loathes o mop p occurs q does he not do/doesn't he do; do not know/don't know r do not/don't often use s never buys; upset t tries; puts u ask; replies v always turns w do you not come/don't you come x Does he keep y do not/don't use; say z conjures


1 a are always plotting b is getting c am having d is all the time lying e are putting

2 a am not dying b Aren't you/Are you not going c Is she phoning d is not shining e are you doing

3 a is flying b Are you trying c am unloading d are you doing; am wrapping e is blowing f is sleeping g are always playing h are barking i is not still working/still is not working/is still not working j am sweating k are always playing l is making m am going n are arguing o Aren't you/Are you not watching; am watching p is coming q is fixing r Are they polluting s are saving t are not paying; am saying u is not handling v are always reading; are wasting w Are you taking; am visiting x are you dialling; is having y is being z are you doing; am trying


1 a turned b gambled c admitted d spied e dashed

2 a went b took c was; fell d were; struck e kept

3 a did not/didn't sleep b Did he promise c did not/didn't try d did not/didn't do e Didn't they even consider/Did they not even consider

4 a dreamt/dreamed; was; said; wanted; was; said; made; had; was; took; had; had; Was it; was; was; was; sat; started; Did you die; did not/didn't; heard; woke; felt b made; breathalised; was c did not/didn't exist; used d had; fell; broke e did not/didn't write f Did you send; did; wanted g buried; spoilt/spoiled h asked; got i spilt/spilled; became j was; stole k Did you have; did not/didn't; rained; suffered; got; had l defeated m did they fire; woke; got n was; realised; was o abandoned; went p didn't you do/did you not do; took; were q Didn't you know/Did you not know; divorced; didn't/did not r did you find; was s did she forgive; forgave; apologised t happened; punctured; had; got u saw v saw; granted w found x wrote; established; wanted; was y used; made; were z took; contributed; were


a were loading b was piercing c was living d was walking e was having; was looking f were you doing; was chatting g was not/wasn't paying; was saying h was melting i was milking; was reading j Weren't you/Were you not going


a has/'s stolen b Have you ever sprained c Hasn't he/Has he not booked d have not/haven't/'ve not been e have/'ve postponed f Haven't we/Have we not met g have/'ve just taken h has/'s just had i have/'ve passed j Hasn't Pam/Has Pam not come


a have/'ve been trying b has/'s been making c have been using d has/'s been pining e have they been living f have/'ve been serving g have you been doing; have/'ve been studying; have not/haven't/'ve not been studying; have/'ve been reading h Have you been cooking i have/'ve been eating j have/'ve been longing


a had already regained b had developed c had seen d had forgotten e had groomed f had taken g had been h had made i had told j had never studied


a had been serving b had been growling c had been taking d had been teasing e had been witnessing f had been cheating g had been eating; had been suffering; had been feeling h had been dicussing i had been sweating j had been learning


a are going to perish b is going to fall c am going to turn d are going to change e was going to strike f Is he going to divide g are not going to divide h Aren't they/Are they not going to release i Are we going to set j were not going to make

PART 108

a will remain b will be pleased c will/shall drop d will never surrender e will implore f will9 give g will not take h Will everyone be i will lend j will not be

PART 1110

a will/shall be crossing b will you be staying c will/shall be spending d will not be going e will/shall be seeing f Will you be using g will/shall be visiting h will be doing i will be picking j Will you be coming

PART 1211

a will have cleaned b will have enrolled c will have finished d will have enlisted e will/shall have fleeced f will/shall have done g will/shall have fooled h will have perished i will/shall have sold j will have destroyed

PART 1312

a will have been training b will have been parachuting c will have been selling d will/shall have been walking e will have been taking f will have been sleeping g will have been working h will/shall have been living i will/shall have been studying j will have been playing


a she would/she'd be living b he would/he'd be seeing c they would/they'd have destroyed d would go e would come f they would/they'd drop g he would/he'd have finished h he would/he'd have been serving i they would/they'd have taken j he would/he'd have been suffering

1  "News" is an uncountable noun.
2  Contractions can also be used.
3  Contractions may also be used.
4  Contractions can also be used, as seen in the examples.
5  Contractions may also be used, as has been shown in the examples.
6  Contractions can also be used, as shown in the examples.
7  Contractions may also be used.
8  Contractions can also be used.
9  Do not contract this one.
10  Contractions are also possible.
11  Contractions are also possible.
12  Contractions are also possible.
Author: Miquel Molina i Diez
Pages: 1, 2 and the key

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