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English Grammar Step by Step


     UNIT 17 - The key

1 a enough blueberries b rich enough c enough blood donors d large enough e well enough

2 a Too many cooks b too cruel c too much d too stingy e too far

3 a too big; for b too young; to c good enough; for; to d too liberal; for e strong enough; to

4 a enough b old enough; to c too strong; to; to d too much e too much f too ugly g too ugly h too many of i enough means; to j enough light; to k too many of l too often m big enough; to n too short; to o tall enough; to p angry enough; to q too jealous; to r loud enough; too loud; for s enough t large enough; to u enough wafers v enough of w too nasty x too windy y enough needles and thread; for; to z enough soup spoons; to

5 a so nice b such curly hair (that) c so fast (that) d such a clear sky that night (that) e such a skittish girl (that)

6 a so many enemies1 (that) b So much c so many people (that) d so many times (that) e so much of that cheese (that)

7 a so severe a mother b such a fascinating story (that) c so corny a joke that d such a corny joke (that) e so expensive a house

8 a so clear (that) b such a lot of floppy disks (that) c so delighted at the news of the ceasefire (that) d enough e so clean; so good f so kind g kind enough h so long to carve out her bust out of stone (that) i such a long time (that) j so far from here (that) k too heavy; for; to l so easily (that) m good enough; for; to n such a long way from the truth (that) o so pretty a girl that p such a pretty girl (that) q such a long rope (that) r so many people/such a lot of people at the party (that) s so good a day that t so much money/such a lot of money (that) u so forgetful v long enough; for; to w so nuisance a boy x so many lies/such a lot of lies (that) y so helpful z too old; for

1  So many and so much may be replaced by such a lot of. If the noun is not mentioned, of must be left out.
Author: Miquel Molina i Diez
Pages: 1 and the key

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1  Negative and interrogative sentences (Page 2 and the key)

2  Short answers (Page 2 and the key)

3  Question tags (Page 2 and the key)

4  Questions and exclamations (Page 2 and the key)

5  So, neither, nor, either (the key)

6  Be, used to, would, be/get/become used to, dare, have, get, become, grow, go, turn, fall and feel (Page 2 and the key)

7  Verb tenses: forms (Page 2 and the key)

8  Irregular verbs

9  Verb tenses: uses (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5 and the key)

10 Personal pronouns, possessives and reflexive pronouns (Page 2 and the key)

11 The genitive case (the key)

12 Singular and plural nouns (Page 2 and the key)

13 Gender (the key)

14 A, an, some, any, no, not, none, each, every and the; compounds of some, any, no and every (Page 2, Page 3 and the key)

15 Neither, not...either, none, not...any, both and all (the key)

16 A few, few, a lot, lots, a little, little, many, much, no and plenty (the key)

17 Enough, too, so and such (the key)

18 Comparative and superlative sentences (Page 2 and the key)

19 Adjective order (the key)

20 Relative clauses (Page 2 and the key)

21 Do and make (the key)

22 Modal verbs (Page 2, Page 3 and the key)

23 Infinitives, gerunds and present participles (Page 2 and the key)

24 Conditional sentences (Page 2 and the key)

25 Passive sentences (the key)

26 Reported speech (Page 2 and the key)

27 Purpose (the key)

28 Word order (the key)

29 Inversion (the key)

30 Connectors (Page 2 and the key)

31 Prepositions (Page 2, Page 3 and the key)

32 Phrasal verbs (the key)

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